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Our contracted daily catering services are designed to encourage employee health and happiness.


With a focus on handmade, seasonal, whole food lunches you can rest assured that your team will be refreshed and refueled to tackle the second half of the day! Additionally, you can leave the meal planning, delivery, and set-up to us. One point of contact for all of your meals, invoices, and special requests.


Family Style or Boxed

Our daily menus can be served family style (buffet) or boxed for individuals.

Our family style buffets are interactive and allow each employee to customize their plates to their liking – allotting for special additions like sriracha and soy sauce, a variety of salsas, or a fun array of toppings for our ‘bars’. The boxed versions of our menus include the base items with the most popular toppings served along the side. We can provide chafing dishes and food warmers as well as staff to set-up and clean-up to ensure that every meal is hot and ready when you are!


Fresh is Best

We are not your average lunch ladies. Every menu is fresh, scratch-made, and different each day.

Our extensive menu rotation features an epic variety of cuisines to keep things exciting; we will be feeding you every day, you know…We LOVE our ability to make almost anything – and appeal to almost everyone. We have converted several people to Thai, Korean, and Indian food lovers – folks who were nervous about trying something different. Our diverse recipes include authentic regional ingredients sourced from locally-owned ethnic markets. Your employees will feel like they’re dining at a new restaurant every day. We’ve found the perfect balance between ‘familiar’ and ‘new’ to keep everyone satisfied!



We create meals everyone can enjoy! Upon request, we can craft diet & allergen friendly alternatives.

We understand that with any meal, there will be dietary restrictions and allergens to consider. It is important to us that every member of your team gets to enjoy a nice lunch. We address restrictions and allergens by including dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, nut-free, and soy-free options that are flavored in a similar fashion to our base recipes. These alternates are carefully prepared, packaged, and labeled to avoid cross-contamination. Additionally, we provide descriptive menus which include each item’s dietary restrictions.

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Easy Set-Up

No cafeteria? No problem. 

We’ve worked in some pretty restrictive spaces: home gyms, barns, and bare-bones venue kitchens. As long as you’ve got a sink and a counter, you’ve got yourself enough space for us to serve you!

We can do a simple drop-off, or provide staff to man the buffet and clean up. 

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Go Green

We deliver in eco-friendly, guilt-free disposable containers. 

At Engineered Edibles Catering Co., we recognize the impact of the waste from the food service industry on our beautiful planet. We make a concerted effort to source sustainable, biodegradable packaging and utensils along with purchasing local, seasonal products when possible. 

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Seasons & Holidays

Every day is worth celebrating…but changing seasons and holidays call for special attention!

We like to embrace the spirit of popular holidays by utilizing fun menus and food displays (optional). We can make it as subtle as you’d like or go all out! Help your staff get into the holiday spirit with a traditional Thanksgiving turkey dinner, spooky Halloween menu, jolly winter theme, and more. Additionally, we focus on providing fresh, seasonally appropriate fruits, veggies, and flavor profiles to fully embrace each season.

We’re here to help you solve your daily staff catering dilemma. Get in touch to learn more, discuss your needs, and start eating!

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