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about us.


the elevator pitch.

Engineered Edibles is a women-run catering company with an innovative approach to corporate lunch service. We are known for our unmatched variety, our commitment to clean cooking, and - above all - our delicious eats.


All menu items are handmade with love and whole food ingredients, or sourced with care from local vendors.


At Engineered Edibles, we thrive on creating an experience that everyone can enjoy.  All of our menus list food allergens to ensure the safety of your guests. Upon request, we can craft vegan, vegetarian, and allergen-friendly dishes - its our specialty!

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our whole food philosophy.

WE LOVE FOOD. It literally keeps us alive! We believe that food can nourish or pollute our bodies. We’ve made a conscious decision to put better, higher quality food into our bodies and onto our tables by limiting pre-packaged food and the preservatives that go along with them.


The vast majority of the food we serve is scratch-made in our kitchen or sourced locally from vendors in Kansas City who follow our whole ingredient philosophy (such as Yoli corn tortillas, Ninfa's flour tortillas, Trade Routes pita, Farm-to-Market bread).

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a note from the owner.

I am an engineer and self-proclaimed Food Explorer.


Wait…what?! You read that right: I am not a professionally trained chef. I am a licensed Professional Engineer who LOVES food.


Food can heal. Food can refresh. Food fuels our lives.

One of my favorite things is sharing food. I love creating experiences for people through food and entertaining. From creating a romantic anniversary dinner with my husband to hosting holiday meals for our families to simply having a group of friends over to watch a ball game. Every event is an opportunity to create memories!


As an engineer, I’ve learned how to find creative solutions. Planning an event requires thought, organization, experience, and creativity. I’ve found that my engineering background has helped me to optimize buffet layouts, tackle difficult recipes, and feed gobs of people without breaking a sweat.

Cooking is my passion, and I feel so incredibly blessed to be pursuing my foodie dream!

With love,


Ellen Beier, PE


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The Beier Family, 2020.