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about us.


the elevator pitch.

Engineered Edibles is a women-run catering company with an innovative approach to corporate lunch service. We are known for our unmatched variety, our commitment to clean cooking, and - above all - our delicious eats.


All menu items are handmade with love and whole food ingredients, or sourced with care from local vendors.


At Engineered Edibles, we thrive on creating an experience that everyone can enjoy.  All of our menus list food allergens to ensure the safety of your guests. Upon request, we can craft vegan, vegetarian, and allergen-friendly dishes - its our specialty!

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our whole food philosophy.

WE LOVE FOOD. It literally keeps us alive! We believe that food can nourish or pollute our bodies. We’ve made a conscious decision to put better, higher quality food into our bodies and onto our tables by limiting pre-packaged food and the preservatives that go along with them.


The vast majority of the food we serve is scratch-made in our kitchen or sourced locally from vendors in Kansas City who follow our whole ingredient philosophy (such as Yoli corn tortillas, Ninfa's flour tortillas, Trade Routes pita, Farm-to-Market bread).

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a little more about us...

Engineered Edibles Catering Co. (EE) started out as our owner's creative outlet from her electrical engineering job; a second passion that allowed her to cook delicious, scratch-made meals for small gatherings of friends and family. Now, we are a full-blown women owned and operated catering company with an innovative approach to daily corporate lunch services. We are known for our unmatched variety and quality, our commitment to clean cooking, and - above all - our delicious eats! We’re not your average lunch ladies…all of our menus are handmade with love and whole food ingredients, or sourced with care from local vendors.


Our team still has a soft spot for small events and gatherings. We’ve just moved them from being a part of EE to being a part of our cafe, The Table - our touch point between EE and the community.

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a note from the owner.

I left my electrical engineering career in 2018 to do corporate lunch catering. Uhhhh…what?


I had been doing small event catering on the side and hosting elaborate meals with family and friends since college. So, when I got the amazing opportunity to lean into my passion, I took the leap. The company that hired me had been looking for a private chef and miraculously found me through my commissary kitchen. They had been using a local celebrity chef and high-end restaurant catering to serve their staff for the year leading up to them hiring me. I had some big shoes to fill.


Over time, I built an amazing team, and with countless recipe testing we were able to build a meal rotation to satisfy our clients - and the masses - while sticking to our food philosophy of clean, whole foods. Our meal rotation is my pride and joy. It features cuisines from all over the world. The menus are authentic and approachable. Personally, I get bored with food very easily. I promise, your palate won’t ever be bored with our rotation!


Sometime in 2019, the company we had been serving split. So, we started serving both entities and increased our daily quantities to support both of their teams and delivered to each of their locations. In early 2020, we were looking to expand into two more offices who were looking for daily lunch services to enhance their office culture. Unfortunately, the onset of the pandemic halted our growth and those opportunities for expansion for daily lunch services. So, we hit the pause button on our corporate lunches and pivoted to open our European-inspired cafe, The Table, which features delicious pressed sandwiches, fresh salads, a selection of local and imported food goods, and small event catering trays and services! Additionally, we attended the 2020 OP Farmers' Market, served the 2021 KC Women's Soccer Team, fed attendees of OP's 2020-2021 Terra Luna events, and a score of other random small and large events…


As far as corporate lunch services go, at the moment, we’re still in a bit of a holding pattern. Our original two companies are navigating returning to their respective offices, like most large offices are right now. (One of my coordinators shared that they’re having a hard time getting folks back in because we’re not serving them lunch right now.) We’re remaining hopeful that someone will reach out to us to get the ball rolling, again! We miss the connection between our daily clients…but, we also understand the complexity of returning to an office environment after what the past two+ years have involved. We’re standing at the ready, though, once we get the green light!


Are you looking for a way to enhance your office culture? Want a way to share your appreciation for your team’s hard work that nourishes their body and minds? Consider adding us to your team!


With love,

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The Beier Family, 2020.

Ellen Beier, PE