not your average
lunch ladies.

If you are looking for variety in your office lunch rotation, if you are tired of coordinating daily catering orders, or if you are simply looking for a perk to improve company culture...


We've got your back. 

food for the mind & body.

Here, we believe that food can nourish or pollute our bodies. We’ve made a conscious decision to put better, higher quality food into our bodies and onto our tables by limiting pre-packaged food and the preservatives that go along with them.

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what's in a name?

Engineered Edibles Catering Co. started as a passion project for owner Ellen Beier, while she was working full-time as a licensed electrical engineer! Our quirky name may raise some eyebrows, but you can rest assured your event will be designed to perfection

(, we do not currently offer edibles of the THC or CBD variety.)

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