Turkey Day Table

Entertaining Essentials | December 3, 2015 | By

This Thanksgiving, I decided to utilize jewel-tones for my table setting. As you all surely know, gold is in this season. However, I didn’t want to purchase any golden serveware due to it’s inevitable untrendy end. So, I worked with what I had…


To add that glitzy gold factor, I purchased three pumpkins from JoAnn’s to be the feature of the table and to catch the light from the candles. The tealights are from IKEA – a mix of purple and amber. I cut the leaves off of a garland I purchased from JoAnn’s last year that I couldn’t get to fit correctly on my bannister.



I decided to use my matte grey-blue plates instead of glossy white to keep the place setting less formal. I almost used white plates for the bread plate but decided to use gold paper plates instead to keep with the warm color scheme. I had a few left from a baby shower at work earlier this month… And to top it off, I used a plum paper napkin to add a pop of color.


For the drinks, I chose mason jars for the water glasses and combination of stemless wine glasses and simple glass cups. I knew that not everyone coming drank wine so I let them choose their glass…



Overall, I’m happy with how the table turned out. Simple, elegant, rustic – just the way I like it! And it didn’t cost me much moolah…but, it made a big impact!


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