Spring Miami County Farm Tour

April showers bring May flowers scary weather!

I’ve been out-of-town the past two weeks but, we followed the weather in KC while we were gone and it looked like you took a beating weather-wise.

Hail. Powerful winds. Torrential downpours.

These are all typical for Spring in Kansas and the reason I have a love-hate relationship with this state. I’ve been too close for comfort to Mother Nature’s fury. So, I always dread the unpredictability of Spring. However, I LOVE seeing the flowers pop up and all the baby animals appear. I used to help my high school friend deliver baby goats in early spring. It was so fun to clean them up and snuggle them before giving them back to their mommas.

I miss the country. Life seemed so simple then.

Ever since moving away to college, I’ve lived in ‘the city’. Manhattan.Springfield.Kansas City. None of these are probably considered ‘big cities’ but, they’re still way busier than living in the country.

I was born and raised in Miami County (the county South of JoCo) on 200 acres of farmland. We had chickens, rabbits, cats, and dogs. We never really had livestock but, we enjoyed the animals we had… For fun, we explored the fields, creek beds, ponds, and crops, collecting ‘artifacts’ along the way: bones, bottles, frogs, whatever. You would just throw on your mud boots and head out. There was a dinner bell near the house that mom would ring when it was time to come back. Those were the days!

I still love going to the farm. Although, I don’t go as often as I’d like to…

If you’d like an excuse to explore the countryside, every Spring and Fall, Miami County hosts a Farm Tour. The tour showcases local farms and artisans in Miami (and sometimes Linn) County. It’s a self-guided tour so, you drive yourself from place to place…

Last fall, we visited a dairy farm, Prothe’s Pecans, and The General Store. It was fun to learn about each of the locations and how they create their products. Every location is unique! Here’s a map of this Spring’s tour stops. I think it changes every year.

So, if you’ve got time this weekend, head South to check out some of the stops on the tour. You might enjoy a lazy drive through the countryside and the fresh air…

PS – Roads without speed limit signs are 55 mph. 🙂


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