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I think it was a little over a year ago when I discovered green smoothies. Someone at work shared a link with me to Simple Green Smoothies’ website.

Smoothies = delicious. But, green smoothies? They didn’t sound very appetizing; I was pretty skeptical…

Their website was soo beautiful, though. And their stories sounded legit so, I decided to try them. Their Beginner’s Luck smoothie recipe is what they recommended for newbies. I bought a blend of frozen mango and pineapple pieces, a large tub of spinach, and a bunch of bananas from Sam’s Club. I blended the ingredients up in my KitchenAid blender and, voila, I had made my first green smoothie!

I have to tell you: the Beginner’s Luck smoothie is wonderful! The flavors of the mango and pineapple completely mask the flavor of the spinach. I knew that I could sneak this into my hubby’s breakfast routine…

With an ‘are you trying to kill me’ look, he reluctantly tried it. But, to his surprise, he really liked it!

At that time, Simple Green Smoothies was preparing to start their 30-Day Free Green Smoothie Challenge so, we decided to follow along. They sent out a shopping list each weekand a myriad of smoothie recipes to use over the course of a month. I tell you what, we felt awesome by the end of the challenge! They kept us energized throughout the mornings and we knew we were getting our fill of fruits and vegetables each day.

However, after so many uses, my KitchenAid blender bit the dust. We did some research and decided to purchase the Ninja blender from Sam’s Club to continue our smoothie endeavors. We continued to drink smoothies every morning for several months. But, after time, we had some hiccups in our schedules and got so busy that we ended up abandoning our daily smoothie fix.

As part of the Weigh Less portion of my New Year’s Revolution, I’m going to make green smoothies a priority in my weekly diet. Not specifically for weight loss but, to get back to nourishing my body with the fruits and veggies she deserves and to feel as energized as I did last year.

Have you ever had a green smoothie? What’s your favorite smoothie recipe? How do you ensure you’re getting your fill of fruits and veggies?


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