‘Ok, Google: What’s the best place to eat in Liberal, KS?’

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Have you ever been stranded in an unfamiliar town for work?

Well, I have! Let me introduce you to: Liberal, KS.

After a nearly 7-hour drive from Kansas City through crazy winds and almost dying courtesy an oncoming mini-van passing a big rig (on a blind curve, up hill, at 70+mph…WTF?!), my colleague and I finally made it to Liberal, KS, unscathed.

We’re doing field research for some upcoming projects and will need to stay two nights in this lovely town! Liberal is not very expansive and appears to have a large Hispanic population. In fact, I got to use a little Spanish on-site today 🙂

Sooo…for dinner, I Googled ‘What’s the best place to eat in Liberal, KS?’ and got several options with 4+ star ratings. Naturally, the most common cuisine and our choice for the first evening’s dinner was: Mexican. Yippee – I love Mexican food! We chose Vallarta Mexican Grill because of the high ratings and I must say that it was very tasty!

The menu was a little different; not the usual Tex-Mex entrees offered in most Mexican joints around KC (or anywhere, for that matter). Either the cook is really creative or it was more authentic than what I’m used to seeing. My colleague ordered tacos with beef, chicken, shrimp and bacon – they looked really good. They were served with the usual accoutrements of rice and refried beans. I ordered fajitas with beef, chicken, and shrimp; it was a lot of food for one person. I ended up gobbling up the proteins and leaving a pile of onions and green peppers on my plate. If I weren’t staying in a hotel, I would have taken the leftovers home!

Although travelling for work can stink, it gives you an opportunity to explore a new locale and try a bite of their lifestyle. I would strongly urge you to skip the fast food next time you’re in unfamiliar territory and try what the locals like… Google will help you decide where to go!

As for us, our next dinner will be Italian per the recommendation of my boss and Google…

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