Meal Plan: 01/10/2016

Meal Plan | January 10, 2016 | By

One of our goals for this year is to eat more at home. When the hubs and I both get ultra busy, we tend to go out for dinner or grab something quick for lunch. Even though I try to choose whole food options, we all know it’s difficult to control what’s in your food when you’re not making it…

The additional benefit is, obviously, saving money! We want to do some travelling this year so, we are going to try to reduce our monthly expenses to allow us to do that.

Here’s what we’re planning on eating this week:

160110_MealPlan2We have quite a few items left over from the end of last week so, we are going to try to reinvent them to use them up! I made a crock pot pork recipe that generated a lot of meat. We’ll use some to make a chili and the rest we’ll freeze. And we’ll try to eat up the rest of our chicken noodle soup tonight and for lunches this week.

We’ve really started enjoying Thai food. But, eating it out adds up quickly. So, I’m going to try my hand at making Phad Thai for the hubs next weekend. If I can nail this recipe, we’ll be less tempted to go out for it. I’ll let you know how it goes!

Have you thought about what you’re eating this week? Do you create a meal plan for you and your family? How do you save money on food?


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