Lessons from a One Butt Kitchen

Let's Eat! | January 14, 2016 | By

My mother-in-law has, what she calls, a ‘One Butt Kitchen’. It’s a smaller galley style kitchen in want of counter space…

Although I agree that her kitchen is not huge, it has proven that it has plenty of room to make enough food to feed an army! And I’ve learned some food prep pointers from working with her that can come in handy in every kitchen:

  1. Local Garbage Bag. You know how Rachael Ray has her Garbage Bowl? Well, my MIL uses the produce bags that she purchases her produce in to hold the scraps that develop from chopping that produce up. This keeps your cutting surface clean by allowing you to shove the unwanted parts into this bag. When you’re done with your task, you just toss the bag with everything in it!
  2. Cover your Baking Sheets. I use my baking sheets for everything from baking chicken to roasting vegetables to making brownies. Over time, as I’m sure you know, gunk builds up on the baking sheets and it’s nearly impossible to remove. My MIL covers her baking sheets with aluminum foil before using them which makes for really quick clean up and prevents that gunk from forming. Most of the time, if I do this, I don’t even have to wash my baking sheet after I use it… That’s one less dish to wash by hand, my friends!
  3. Use a Griddle Pan. When you have to feed an army, which my MIL has done for a long time, use an Electric Griddle Pan. From bacon to eggs to hashbrowns to French toast to grilled cheese to chicken fry’s… Mmmm…chicken.fried.steak… Oops! Sorry. Where was I? That’s right: you can make soo much food on an Electric Griddle Pan. I’ve used mine for all of the above and for appetizers like crab cakes that need to be served quickly and really fresh!
  4. Use your Microwave. If you don’t have a ton of space to heat things up on the stove or in the oven, use your microwave. One unique way that I’ve learned to use the microwave from my in-laws is by nuking potatoes to make mashed potatoes. If you keep the potatoes whole, when they’re done cooking, you can just cut them in half and scoop out the innards into a bowl. Then, you just continue with your normal mashed potato-making process…

I have had the pleasure of being granted access into the One Butt Kitchen on several occasions over the past 9 years since first dating my beau to assist in preparing meals and to take part in deep conversations. Over the years, I have learned that it’s not the size of the kitchen that matters but, the love overflowing from it.

…it’s not the size of the kitchen that matters but, the love overflowing from it.

No matter the size or condition of your kitchen, always fill your food with love. That will be what your friends and family remember most…


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