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To celebrate KC Restaurant Week, a group of my foodie colleagues decided to do lunch at Pig & Finch Gastropub yesterday. I have been to Pig & Finch on several occasions, the first being two years ago during KCRW for dinner. Our dinner experience a couple of years ago was much more enjoyable than our lunch trip yesterday. And I had high hopes for an awesome experience.


First of all, our waiter was kind of rude. We made reservations more than a week in advance and guaranteed that we would all order from the KCRW Menu, as they requested. So, we did. In fact, most of us ordered the same three things: Baked Potato Soup, Short Rib Mac & Cheese, and Dark Chocolate Bread Pudding.


The Baked Potato Soup was pretty tasty. It was different because it had shredded potatoes instead of cubed. The flavor was good but, the texture of the potatoes threw me off a little. It was topped with bacon, cheese, and sour cream. One of our party ordered the Tomato Soup. It was very pretty and he seemed to enjoy it. A few folks ordered salads, instead.


I was really excited about the Short Rib Mac & Cheese! Mac is my favorite and it can only get better by adding short ribs to it! I was imagining a creamy, golden bed of mac with a handful of shredded short ribs glazed in some sort of meaty goodness strewn over the top. What a let down. We got a ‘smedium’ serving of decent mac with some parmesan crunchies on top. The meat was nowhere to be found… Eventually, I stumbled upon a shred of rib meat buried at the bottom of my bowl. If you’re going to name a dish Short Rib Mac & Cheese, it better have some short ribs in it! I would rename this dish: Mac. Seriously. The people who ordered the salmon said it was good but, the gal who ordered the ham and cheese sandwich had to be disappointed. It was just thinly sliced ham and cheese on plain sandwich bread with some weird looking pile of veggies on the side. Strange.

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If the disappointment of the second course wasn’t bad enough, dessert was worse! I ordered the Dark Chocolate Bread Pudding… Now, I must admit that I’ve got a special place in my heart for bread pudding and a baseline of expectations that require the following: a deep dish single serving or slice, moist throughout with a toasty top, flavorful, and some sort of amazing sauce to drizzle all over it (buttered rum sauce is my fave). The bread pudding they served us was none of the above. It was less than an inch thick, the bread itself resembled croutons on top of an underdone ‘brownie’, and the vanilla anglaise was underwhelming. The chocolate flavor was undeniable but, with the poor execution of the pudding as a whole, it was a complete failure. One of my friends adjacent to me ordered the Lemon Bar. It was HUGE. She allowed me to taste it and the flavor was good but, the texture was strange; they may have overcooked it? I don’t know.

I left feeling bad that we committed our KCRW Lunch to a restaurant that clearly underestimated the poor impression they would give to first-timers excited to try their food… I’m pretty sure that none of my colleagues will be headed back to Pig & Finch anytime soon. And, honestly, I don’t think I will either.



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