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I’m not a die hard coffee drinker. I’ll have a Cup o’ Joe in the morning from my work’s Keurig machine if I’m dragging a little but, I certainly don’t keep a cup on my desk all day long. However, if I had Black Dog Coffeehouse available at work, that might be a different story…

Black Dog Coffeehouse is located less than a mile from my house in Lenexa, KS. This has made it really easy to become a weekend staple in the hubs’ and my routine. Black Dog serves Messenger Coffee (roasted in KC) and baked goods from IBIS Bakery which shares a storefront with the coffeehouse.


I would consider myself a wimpy coffee drinker. I’m more of a ‘want a little coffee with your creamer’ type of gal. So, I cannot speak to the purity of the coffee and the quality of its ‘flavor notes’ but, I can tell you that the Blended Snickers coffee at Black Dog is my favorite coffee drink that I’ve ever had. It has caramel, chocolate, hazelnut, and a very distinct coffee flavor. It is a great way to start off a weekend!


To go along with my Blended Snickers coffee, I always have the difficult decision between a sweet or savory breakfast at Black Dog. Do I want a Sunrise Breakfast Sandwich with crispy bacon, gooey cheese, and a fried egg on delicious, soft brioche bread? OR do I want a Texas-sized slice of artisan bread toasted to golden perfection with an array of unique toppings? Tough decision. The positive thing is that I know that I won’t be disappointed with either choice…


Look at that T-O-A-S-T! It’s kind of ridiculous…

Ditch the corporate coffee house and get yourself over to Black Dog to try their amazing local coffee and food!


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