Hi, there! My name is Ellen; I’m a self-proclaimed Food Explorer… I’m an Electrical Engineer by day and a Foodie by night. Wait. Who am I kidding? I’m a Foodie all the rest of the time!


I love how food can make you feel. How the simple waft of a family heirloom recipe can evoke memories of times past. How you feel while pouring your love into making someone’s favorite dish just to make them smile. How trying something new invigorates your senses and opens your mind to new culinary exploration. Food can heal. Food can refresh. Food fuels our lives.

One of my favorite things is sharing food. I love creating experiences for people through food and entertaining. From creating a romantic anniversary dinner with my husband to hosting holiday meals for our families to simply having a group of friends over to watch a ball game. Every event is an opportunity to create memories!

Come along with me as I show you my tips and tricks to flawless entertaining and explore the wild world of food!